Pradip K. Misra as principal, founded the firm of misra architect ltd. with the intent of establishing a nucleus of design professionals committed to infusing the proven traditions of former ages in architecture with contemporary thinking. Stemming from this approach is a resultant scale and style appropriate to each individual project undertaken.


A further focus of the firm is to combine the user & the client needs, responsiveness to the site and economy without sacrificing architectural integrity and creativity.

The principal and staff of misra architect ltd. form an experienced team of design professionals, including CAD and multi-media graphics specialists, & project managers, commited to the same principles as Misra himself. Our team approach effectively utilizes the firm's diverse range of expertise and many years of exoerience in the design, development and construction of a variety of projects.

This team is assisted by state of the art MacIntosh based CD ROM & CAD technology, allowing an accurate and integrated process for project development, communication, tracking and management.

Misra (on right) is the firm's team leader. He is responsible for overall project coordination, in addition to functioning as the prime designer. He brings 33 years in all phases of practice to this role. He is also proud to have been involved in the1994 Commonwealth Games, handling heritage renovations, venue designs and facilities planning, as well as being Project Architect for the Saanich Commonwealth Place Aquatic Centre.

Noushin Ashtiani, M.Arch. has been with the firm since 2003, And enjoys a working relationship with the firm. She brings with her the expertise in Design , Presentation Graphics, including 3D modeling , full color presentation boards. She also has the expertise to handle the office work efficiently and effectively when needed.